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Researchtec Global is a Market Research, IT solutions and Digital Marketing company. Our vision is simple; to champion market research that impacts businesses on the African continent.

We empower businesses with market research and insights. We do this through systematically gathering and interpreting information about industries, customers, target markets, or organizations using statistical and analytical methods and techniques of the applied social sciences to gain insights that support your decision making.

Market research insights

Make the right decisions with insights, data and the right metrics that will give your business a competitive advantages. 

Strategy formulation

Get strategic advice before you even launch your product or service based on real world market needs.

Primary research

Cut through the noise and get real world opinions directly from industry experts, consumers.

Digital Marketing

Leverage our expertise in data-driven market research, information technology experience and marketing strategy to boost your online rankings, brand visibility, and recognition.

Globally, 123,300 businesses fail every day! In fact, 90% of start-ups fail. Why do so many businesses fail?

Of the top 20 reasons why new business ventures fail, at number 1 is - NO MARKET NEED. Not even passion, or incredible marketing can rescue a business started without first understanding if there is a market need for its product or service. To avoid joining the failure list, first understand your market!

This is where Researchtec comes in. As a specialist market research firm, we specialise in using either primary or secondary research to find actionable insights, information and data that can help you understand your potential market, customers and competitors. Using our expertise, we will provide you with valuable information about your potential market, targeted audience, their purchasing habits or market size etc, so you can avoid launching a product or service without a market need.

How do we work? How do we collect the right market intelligence that will benefit your business?

For primary data, we talk to local consumers, industry experts, analysts, businessmen, politicians and other knowledgeable sources to get the latest information, insights and data from the people in the know using interviews, surveys, focus groups etc.

For secondary research, we gather raw public record data from a range of official sources across the Sub-Saharan Africa. We then rigorously clean, index, analyse and cross-reference that data to build accurate and comprehensive consumer, company, industry and market records.

Understand market trends, competitors, and your customers thoroughly

Use our expert Market Research Analysts to gain relevant insights, evidence and market intelligence on the state of your market, your competitors and more importantly, your customers.

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Our Solutions

We offer more than 30 research-based solutions covering all aspects of market intelligence, primary research, business development, marketing and IT solutions.

Market Trend Analysis

Delve deeper into African markets to understand their key drivers and reveal the risks to be aware of or growth opportunities to exploit

Market sizing (TAM, SAM, SOM analysis)

Evaluate the size of any African market and potential market demand for growth opportunities

Market segmentation research

Use data-driven insights into real customers to inform your African branding/marketing strategy

Market demand forecasting

Our demand forecasting experts use efficient methods of data collection to help our clients in Africa make informed decisions

Brand research

Use brand insights underpinned by robust data, and evidence clearly rooted in fact, to inform your thinking and reinforce your brand strategy in Africa

Competitive analysis

Gain competitive intelligence about local rivals and African market leaders and achieve competitive leverage using our competitor profiling research services

Feasibility studies

Understand the unique aspects of African markets and gauge the potential of your product or service to succeed by analysing demand, user behaviour etc.

Tender advisory

Win government and private sector contracts, bids and tenders with our expert tender writing service that will help you prepare competitive tender bids

Quantitative research

Get access to local consumer insights, and other hard-to-find facts unearthed from primary data compiled through trusted methodologies such as surveys

Qualitative research

Get insights from real customers, industry experts, analysts, politicians and other knowledgeable bases using interviews, focus groups etc.

Survey design & polling

Get accurate, unbiased and reliable customer feedback, survey insights or poll results by asking the right questions in the right format right from the start.

Data analysis & analytics

Use data analysis and analytics to get deep understanding and insights into your users and reveal actions you can take to improve your business.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Leverage our expertise in research and strategy to dominate search results using our digital marketing plans

Content Marketing

Drive search traffic and rankings using SEO driven content marketing based on data-driven research to engage and influence your audience

Search Engine Optimization

Use our expertise in content driven SEO strategy to boost your website rankings, brand visibility, and recognition

Why choose us?

Our market research is underpinned by robust data and market insights that are trusted by global brands from all over the world. Leverage the sharpest minds, working with the smartest data. Legwork + brain work = results.

Analyst Insights

Get the latest insights into industry trends, consumer demand, or emerging opportunities to support your decision-making. It is cutting-edge market intelligence rooted in data, knowledge and analytical expertise.

Industry Reports

RGL Reports provide accurate industry data and analysis so you can understand everything about any industry in Africa, including market sizing, growth forecast, industry profit, top players, or key success factors.

Custom Market Research

Commission custom research for your firm or client to quickly understand unfamiliar industries, customers or even your closest competitors, and ultimately make smarter decisions.

Our Portfolio

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Assessing TAM, SAM & SOM has never been easier

Use our expert Market Research Analysts to find out the market size of any market or segment in any industry, helping you make better investment decisions.

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Meet the Team

Leverage the sharpest minds, working with the smartest data. Meet the A-Team. Legwork + brain work = results.

Jonathan Kahwa
Senior Research Analyst
Kobuganzi Magezi Prudence
Senior Research Analyst
Komugisha Jean Ruth
Senior Research Economist
Akampurira Brian
Lead Developer
Arinda Faith Promise
Research Assistant
Nanyanzi Winnie
Head of Multimedia Content

Our Clients

More than 250+ companies and decision-makers from all over the world have used our services to help them drive critical decision making.


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